Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Steve Hudson for Congress

Chris Van Hollen is the congressman for Maryland’s 8th Congressional District. Unfortunately, that is also my Congressional District so my congressman and I are kind of out of sorts on a whole wide range of issues.

Enter Steve Hudson for Congress.

Admittedly, I endorsed another friend in the primary but I have no qualms about now putting my efforts (and vote) behind Steve. A Navy man (like myself), he would bring credible and varied experiences to the House.

On March 25th (Maryland Day), the Hudson campaign will be conducting an internet fundraising effort to collect $25,000. It’s an ambitious target so whatever you can do to help: Donor Site - Steve Hudson for Congress

I wonder who the sacrificial lamb is in the 3rd to go against Sarbanes Jr.

When Ehrlich won in 2002, I thought there was hope for our state.

How often does an incumbent with an over 50% approval rating lose?
I'm sure Marylanders everywhere are celebrating their election of MOM
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