Tuesday, June 03, 2008


CYA Leadership

For months Democrats have had the wherewithal to finally end their nominating process by simply having their superdelegates make up their mind.

For Superdelegates, 'Huge Relief' at End of Primary Season

“Several superdelegates contacted yesterday said they spent the past six months waiting, sometimes impatiently, for voters to reach a consensus before expressing opinions of their own.”

I think that is an excellent description of the problem for much of the Democratic Party’s leadership: the more inevitable Senator Obama became, the more the voters in most of the later primary states resisted him. So the elites among the Democrats are stuck between a Hillary Clinton they are convinced cannot win in November and a Barack Obama they’re (increasingly) not really sure of but still believe will do better than Sen. Clinton.

What they don’t want though is that inevitable Clinton I-told-you-so should Senator Obama lose the general election in November. Things will be so much easier if they can just lay it off as the choice of the rank-and-file.

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