Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween

I'm thinking of going out as a second-term Obama Administration...just the thought of it scares me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Biden to Poland

I suppose because Poland is offering nothing in the way of world games or individual honors, it is instead the Vice-President who joins me in Warsaw today: Biden to reassure Poles during European trip

Much has been made about how the President has enhanced our global standing after the previous disastrous policy of an American president mostly putting American interests first. In fact, since September 17th, I’ve posted here of nothing else but the numerous diplomatic successes enjoyed and the attendant brilliant strategies employed by this Administration.

“Biden's national security adviser, Tony Blinken, said Monday that Obama's shift on missile defense, which was welcomed by Russia, does not threaten Poland or its neighbors.

"We've been very clear from day one that we are seeking to improve relations with Russia, but not at the expense of any of our partners," Blinken said.”

Unfortunately, Poland has selfishly put its own interests ahead of Obama’s and so Vice President Biden has been dispatched here as a…hmmm… kind of punishment for their insolence, I guess. Anyway:

“Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski said he expected Biden to flesh out this offer during the visit, but that no history-making decisions would be made during Biden's short visit.”

I think we kind of knew that when it was announced that it was the VICE President making the trip.

Side Note: "The White House - Press Office - Briefing by National Security Advisor Tony Blinken on The Vice President's Upcoming Trip to Central Europe

Is “Blinken” not one of the great names for a national security advisor in this administration?

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