Monday, February 11, 2008


Mezger for Congress - Maryland's Eighth Congressional

Tomorrow is Primary day in Maryland as well as in Virginia and DC. If you live in the 8th Congressional District in Maryland (and you do if you received a few months ago an expensive, taxpayer-funded mailer from your congressman, Chris Van Hollen) AND are a registered Republican, I encourage you to vote for Brian Mezger for Congress. I’ve known Brian for a number of years and can vouch for his reliable conservatism in matters we most need conservatism: taxes, ILLEGAL immigration and winning the wars we fight. I also know he will take the general election fight to Congressman Van Hollen in a serious and reputable manner – giving the voters a real and coherent choice in November.

Elsewhere on the ballot, I will be casting my vote for John McCain. Now that the dust has settled, he’s clearly the most acceptable candidate still standing and I am in no mood for a lot of senseless wailing and gnashing of teeth over what might have been. See you at the polls.

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