Thursday, September 17, 2009


Obama Finds His Audience

So the President gave a speech at the University of Maryland Comcast Center today. Reading a Washington Post report about it, the audience was predictably very supportive and little happened to disrupt the occasion.

The Post also provides an anecdotal insight into exactly why the young audience is so supportive:

Rob Martinsen, a waiter at a College Park restaurant who could not attend the event because his shift starts at noon, came to see the spectacle nonetheless.

"I thought there might be some good confrontations" between Obama followers and the protesters, Martinsen said, adding that he counts himself in the "followers" group. "Too bad, though, everyone is on their best behavior."

“Martinsen said he hasn't followed the details of the health care debate, but he supports whatever option will get him cheap health care.…Martinsen chatted briefly with a woman handing out literature arguing against Obama's plan, but he walked away unconvinced.

"Their main point is it's expensive, but that shouldn't matter too much," he said. "Health care is a right."

Yep – who cares if it’s expensive…as long as it isn’t for him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So what explains my animosity to Mr. Carter?

More evidence that racism is NOT at the heart of heated opposition to our current President:

Carter Cites 'Racism Inclination' in Animosity Toward Obama

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Compare and Contrast

When President Obama was first asked about the release of the Lockerbie terrorist, he termed it a “mistake”.

…a considerably less harsh reaction than when he was first asked about the arrest of Professor Gates in Cambridge: YouTube - Obama: Cambridge Cops "Acted Stupidly" In Prof. Gates Arrest

Good to know what really gets him ticked off.


Foreign Policy Question

Remember this: Democrats hunger for Obama as international symbol of change

“Now, restoring America's esteem in the world is a prime motivation of voters supporting Barack Obama for president…"The day I'm inaugurated, America will look at itself differently, and the world will look at America differently," Obama has said.”

Yeah, I was thinking about all that when I read the latest in the saga of the released Lockerbie terrorist:

“The families of some American victims have said they were revolted by the bomber's release, which was also sharply criticized by President Barack Obama, FBI director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Eric Holder….The United States had opposed al-Megrahi's return to Libya by any route.” Lockerbie release challenges UK PM's leadership

If an internationally beloved and respected president can’t convince a supposed strong ally like Scotland (and the UK in general) not to release a convicted mass-murdering terrorist after a mere 8 years of imprisonment then I fail to understand exactly what are the supposed international benefits we, as nation, have accrued with this administration.

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