Monday, July 12, 2010


Burying the Lede

Reading this: Israeli review finds fatal raid on Turkish ship lacked planning and alternatives

…does one expect to read that:

“…it found that the presence of an Israeli navy commander at sea during the operation "proved effective in terms of the decision-making process" and "saved lives."

“Naval commandos operated "properly, with professionalism, bravery and resourcefulness," the report said. "The use of live fire was justified," and "the entire operation is estimable."

Turns out the review (based on reports and excerpts – it has not, as of now, been released) actually faulted the Israeli’s for faulty intel on the nature of the Turkish intruders. In other words, they failed to plan for just how non-peaceful the so-called peace activists turned out to be.

Attacking a foreign-flagged vessel in international waters?
What part of illegal don't you understand?
Conservatarian. I like that. I'm more of a Liberservative then, though: Liberty first, conservatism second.

Greetings from a former resident of Adelphi, MD. Now happily back home in Texas.
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Samantha Friedman
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