Tuesday, June 29, 2010


...But She Can See Arizona From Her Milwaukee Home

This has already gotten some play throughout the blogosphere but piling on is not a crime:

County Board Delays Vote on Arizona Boycott

That would be the Milwaukee County Board and:

“There was an odd moment during the debate when Supervisor Peggy West stood up and seemed to be confused about her geography. "If this was Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico, and they were calling for a measure like this saying that they had a major issue with undocumented people flooding their borders, I would have to look twice at this. But this is a state that is a ways removed from the border," West said during debate.”

(Fortunately, fellow Board member Joe West was gallantly there for her: "I just want to assure my colleague that Arizona does in fact share a border with the country of Mexico.")

I’d normally let such factually-free statements pass but she compounds it with her explanatory followup:

"Had Texas come out with the legislation, having the largest border, I think that I would be more receptive to the fact that there was a problem. But having it be Arizona, having it be the second largest boarder [sic] and knowing there are troops on the border in Arizona, it didn't seem to me that this legislation was particularly necessary at this moment in time," West said.”

When you think of the most efficient and well-run among our state and local governments, does Milwaukee ever pop into your mind? Well, maybe it should because apparently things are humming so smoothly out there that their Board Supervisors have the time to scour the rest of the nation to see what other governing entities could benefit from their wisdom. And so Arizona fell into their crosshairs.

Remember, she doesn’t have a problem with such legislation per se; she clearly states she could be receptive to such a law had it instead been Texas articulating a need for it. No, what really appears to have riled up this champion of good government is just how unnecessary the Arizona law is.

Now, many of you may have racistly NOT had the same reaction when you first read the Arizona law (and the numbers opposing the law does seem to be inversely proportional to the numbers having read the law) and may be wondering if this isn’t just some bit of ethnic posturing on her part. Why would you think that? Because she “has the unique distinction of being the first Latino/Hispanic American to be elected to the Milwaukee County Board.”? That’s irrelevant; Ms. West just happens to believe that ALL Americans deserve effective government (defined, I guess, as performing only that which is necessary...and politically correct). Accordingly, she will not deny Arizonans the benefit of her time management skills just because she, well, has absolutely no connection with Arizona and obviously no idea of what is going on there.

Side Note: To further bolster her geographical bona fides, she offers this:

"I did get a passing grade in Geography in high school and in college and I do obviously know that Arizona is on the border," West said in an interview after today's meeting.”

Well, it’s not that “obvious” but ignoring that; she took Geography in college?

Geography is certainly a legitimate course of study but I just don’t know many people who took it in college. So I checked her web page:

She “graduated with a degree in Human Services from the Milwaukee Area Technical College.”

That’s a 2-year Associate Degree and the latest iteration of it does not require (or even suggest as an elective) straying your studies into Geography. I guess it’s possible she took it anyway but I suspect otherwise. Still, who makes up studying Geography as a way to enhance her academic credentials?

…and if I were in the Administration at MATC, I’d be issuing a press release denying she ever took or passed a Geography course at that school.

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