Friday, May 28, 2010


Turning to sports...

I don’t normally call for a manager to be fired in midstream but…if I see Cla Meredith as much as change his sitting position in the bullpen while a game is still on the line, I will be buying first-class tickets on the bandwagon to get rid of Dave Trembley. There is nothing more discouraging than knowing – absolutely knowing – that the pitcher your manager has just summoned is going to screw it up. I mean, you just know it…and you can’t understand why the manager doesn’t know it also.

To refresh: Cla Merdith on Sunday - 10th inning, two outs - comes in when Simon comes up limping. 4 pitches later, game over as he serves up a no-doubt-about-it homerun to Josh Willingham.

2 pitches and 4 days later, that same Cla Merdith serves up a bases-clearing double to Oakland’s Kevin Kouzmanof and the 5-4 lead (again with two outs) he was brought in to protect became a 5-7 deficit.

This is the second time this season that Dave Trembley, for no apparent reason, has remained locked in on a pitcher (see Michael Gonzalez – 3 appearances, 0-2 with an 18.00 ERA) when even a casual fan could tell the pitcher was worse than useless for the situation. This has been a horrible season in a string of horrible seasons – the visage of Cla Meridith walking in from the bullpen is simply salt to our wounds.

Side Note: How unappealing is the field for this weekend's Lacrosse Final Four in Baltimore? I am now an avid Cornell fan.

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