Thursday, May 06, 2010


Quick Hits: Israel, Spain and Arizona

Just browsing through the Washington Post:

Indirect Mideast peace talks made trickier by Jerusalem housing projects

“When the Obama administration launches indirect peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians, as early as this weekend, it faces a much more complicated landscape than the Clinton or Bush administrations, especially in Jerusalem.”

Poor Barack Obama – he has to clean up the mess created by whichever foreign affairs neophyte got it into the Palestinian mindset that new settlements in Jerusalem should be a deal-breaker.

Decline in world markets prompts fears of Greek 'contagion effect'

Here’s Neil Irwin reporting for the Washington Post:

“It leaves countries like Spain, the largest and most economically significant country in the path of the storm--at the mercy of global investors operating under the twin pressures of fear and greed. And it even can be true for countries that have managed their government debt responsibly--Spain has less debt relative to the size of its economy than the United States or Britain--if investors' views of their likely future deficits or ability to roll over debt shift.”

No banner announcing this as some kind of analysis so I can only conclude that Spain is indeed just some hapless victim of international greed and mindless fear. And for an example of just how responsible Spain is with their debt: Downgraded Spain decides to shelve worthless enviro-energy projects


La Raza organizes boycott of Arizona to protest immigration law

Now for those pressed for time, a good rule of thumb is to place yourself on the opposite side of race-baiting whine groups like La Raza.

"No conferences. No travel," said Janet Murguía, president of La Raza. "We are looking at major events with big visibility, and we're asking all people to consider whether any purchase of goods from the state would further this unjust law."

So in other words, they want you to stay away from hotels, golf resorts,  convention facilities – you know, the kind of places most likely to hire illegals. Desired result: business drops off...then layoffs ensue, illegals lose jobs, go home…oops sorry La Raza, I’m with you on this one.

Meanwhile, Post writer Krissah Thompson exhibits her lack of reportorial skills with this lazy observation:

“The law at the center of the debate, S.B. 1070, has given Arizona's police broad power to stop people on suspicion of being in the state illegally.”

Of course she provided no backup for such a claim probably because, well, the law does no such thing...which a quick reading of it would have so informed her. Remarkably the online story even includes a link to the text. In brief, the law mirrors current Federal law and is, in fact, more restrictive on questioning potential illegals. So, I think, to be consistent, La Raza should organize a boycott of the whole US.

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