Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The DOJ Reading List

We know they haven’t bothered to read the Arizona law and now, apparently, no one down there can even be bothered to read their own memos:

Memo from 2002 could complicate challenge of Arizona immigration law

“The 2002 opinion, known as the "inherent authority" memo, reversed a 1996 Office of Legal Counsel opinion from the Clinton administration. "This Office's 1996 advice that federal law precludes state police from arresting aliens on the basis of civil deportability was mistaken," says the 2002 memo, which was released publicly in redacted form in 2005 after civil rights groups sued to obtain it.

“Office of Legal Counsel documents do not have the force of law but carry great weight within the executive branch and are considered to be the Justice Department's official position on a legal or constitutional issue.”

But, deep thinkers that they are, I’ll bet they can all quote their Niebuhr.

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