Saturday, May 15, 2010


Aaron Sorkin Inciting Violence?

Aaron Sorkin in the Huffington Post (H/T BOTW):

“... so if it were me, I'd re-direct my anger to the real problem. The honest-to-God, no kidding around, small-minded, mean-spirited, hysterically frightened, pig-ignorant bigots who don't think homosexuals are fit to get married, adopt children or fight and die for their country. ... Those people aren't in the backwoods of Idaho, they're in Congress. Fight THEM. I'll help.”  Now That You Mention It, Rock Hudson Did Seem Gay

Now with an overwhelmingly Democratic House and Senate making up Congress, I can only conclude that he is referring to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for their lack of leadership on these issues. While I obviously don’t agree with these two on many matters, I find this call to violence against them appalling and I categorically denounce it. Further, I will note that President Obama has publicly announced his opposition to gay marriage and, despite his near 16-months as Commander-in-Chief, has done nothing about gays-in-the-military. So, when Mr. Sorkin resorts to such vicious name calling against those who don’t think gays should be allowed to marry or be in the military, well, I think that’s just being disrespectful to our President.

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