Friday, March 12, 2010


Quick Hits

I would think being referred to as a “Milkaholic” would be considered an upgrade by Ms. Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan Files $100M Suit Over E-Trade’s ‘Milkaholic’ Baby

Lucky Indonesia:
Obama delays foreign trip to work on health care

Obama has struggled mightily to get Congress to pass a health-care bill, which was his top legislative priority upon taking office.”

Mightily?? Both the Senate and the House have already passed a health-care bill – any idea which one the President prefers? Should we ask his teleprompter?

Meanwhile, some surprising good sense from a Montgomery County pol:

"We're not going to consider taxes. That's the mantra this year. That's it," said Sheila E. Hixson (D-Montgomery), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, in an interview. Maryland's strong alcohol lobby likely to quash tax increase

And for today's Kumbaya moment:

Poets of Split This Rock Festival put their words to work at Capitol

My immediate reaction was to mock the poets but the writing in this story is so tedious that I have to consider that maybe the poets involved are not as sanctimonious as they come off.

“Once the words are taped together in one long poem of antiwar protest, the question becomes: Will they do what the writers intend?

“Will they be heard beyond this grassy open space? Will they effect social change, even a bit?”

You tell me:

"Don't forget those who want peace."

"We are citizens, not tools. Educate us, shelter us, feed us."

…and finally:

“A circle of poets looking on, Browning climbs onto the stage to recite her lines, the last in the poem.

"Onion and chocolate and all the stew of ourselves we can eat," she says.”

All that poetry and not a single reference to the Man from Nantucket?

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