Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The President's "Plan"

Despite David Broder’s insistence otherwise, I do not think the President’s cabinet “is filled with talents”. Quite the contrary. Today’s example: Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. She graciously takes time out from a no doubt busy schedule to pen a little missive in USA Today that assures us that President Obama’s health care plan is basically awesome:

“For Americans who support these goals — reducing health care costs, increasing choice and competition, preventing insurance abuses, and covering more than 30 million uninsured Americans — the only sensible choice is to support the president's plan, too.”  Another view: 'The only sensible choice'

That’s her fifth – and concluding – paragraph. That's probably because anything longer and she may have had to start addressing exactly what the president’s plan consists of. Is it the House Bill? The Senate Bill? The Senate Bill with House corrections? Does the President’s plan cover abortions; allow union-negotiated plans to remain untaxed and/or include the Cornhusker Kickback? What about the Public option? The Secretary doesn’t provide any details; I guess, as Speaker Pelosi has told us, we’ll just have to read it after it’s passed.

Years ago, while in law school, a fellow student penned an article for the school newspaper offering up reviews of various movies to take in over an upcoming break. She saved her highest rating for Malcolm X…which she then admitted she hadn’t yet seen but still…Spike Lee, it had to be great. The President will sign whatever “plan” Congress puts on his desk; apparently that’s all the talented Ms. Sebelius needs to give it 5 Stars!!

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