Friday, November 20, 2009


Warning: Could Induce Severe Eye-Rolling

Stories like this that make it so hard at times to parody the left even while it screams for a South Park episode:

Young heirs grapple with wealth of ambivalence

“One night in Adams Morgan, the sons and daughters of lawyers and corporate executives padded into a friend's rowhouse for a kind of group therapy session about their families' wealth.

“They are young people who have inherited or stand to inherit big money, and they are spending their post-college years living modestly and working to address the needs of the poor, hungry and politically disadvantaged.”

[Ed. Note: Politically disadvantaged? In DC? You mean, like conservative Republicans?]

We are then treated to some heart-wrenching anecdotes about young people with access to money; money they sometimes take advantage of for their own benefit. Apparently, this produces an inner turmoil the likes of the gainfully employed amongst us will probably never understand.

Courageously, though, not all of them succumb to the lure of easy money:

“Janelle Treibitz, 28, a part-time waitress who performs with the Puppet Underground performance group, which raises money for grass-roots organizations, could relate.

"In Vermont [this year], I broke my finger and didn't have insurance," said Treibitz, whose father is chief executive of a Colorado company that designs visual presentations for court trials. "I got my X-ray and gave [the hospital] a fake name and walked out. Is that okay that I am doing that -- taking up resources because I am refusing to take money from my parents?"

She has to ask?? (Unfortunately, the article doesn’t give the consensus answer.)

In fact, despite Post writer Ian Shapira’s generally sympathetic tone toward these shining lights, I am suspicious as to the article’s purpose. Being as these deep thinkers are the best walking, breathing argument FOR a punitive Estate Tax, I suspect the Post is again editorializing under the guise of a news story.

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