Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Foreign Policy Question

Remember this: Democrats hunger for Obama as international symbol of change

“Now, restoring America's esteem in the world is a prime motivation of voters supporting Barack Obama for president…"The day I'm inaugurated, America will look at itself differently, and the world will look at America differently," Obama has said.”

Yeah, I was thinking about all that when I read the latest in the saga of the released Lockerbie terrorist:

“The families of some American victims have said they were revolted by the bomber's release, which was also sharply criticized by President Barack Obama, FBI director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Eric Holder….The United States had opposed al-Megrahi's return to Libya by any route.” Lockerbie release challenges UK PM's leadership

If an internationally beloved and respected president can’t convince a supposed strong ally like Scotland (and the UK in general) not to release a convicted mass-murdering terrorist after a mere 8 years of imprisonment then I fail to understand exactly what are the supposed international benefits we, as nation, have accrued with this administration.

He didn't promise that getting himself elected would be a benefit to the U.S. He promised that people would look at us differently. I would posit that people around the world are most definitely looking at us differently these days.
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