Thursday, July 02, 2009


The State Department Rewrites the Honduras Constitution

Our State Department explains the Honduran “crisis”:

"Our goal is the restoration of constitutional order in Tegucigalpa, which means the restoration of President Zelaya. There is a process led by the OAS [Organization of American States] which is in place," Kelly said at the State Department at his afternoon briefing. "We think that this process should be allowed to play out, and we would discourage any actions that would prove to be an obstacle to this process reaching its desired outcome -- which is of course the restoration of Manuel Zelaya in power."

"Asked if a premature return of Zelaya could be an obstacle, Kelly said, "It could be. What everybody needs to focus on now is the OAS mission, mandated by the OAS special assembly." U.S. 'hits the pause button' on aid to Honduras -

So, to summarize: restoring constitutional order in Honduras means restoring a man that no less an authority than the Honduran Supreme Court had ordered removed for his unconstitutional actions. But that man shouldn’t go back any earlier than an outside organization – with no specified role in Honduran constitutional order – says so.

Side Note: I think Honduras may have screwed up by having a decent diplomatic relationship with Israel; mimicking the anti-Israeli spiels so prevalent from some other developing nations might have earned them at least an “outreach” effort from this Administration.

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