Tuesday, July 07, 2009


The McNamara Lesson

David Ignatius in today’s Washington Post:

“Nobody gets to do over his mistakes, least of all Robert McNamara. But perhaps the memory of this brilliant and tragic man will keep us from being too certain of our own judgment -- and encourage us to consider, even when we feel most confident, the possibility that we could be wrong.”

Yet judging from some of his past writings, I somehow doubt he thinks this is a lesson for our current President.

I don't think this is a lesson Ignatius applies to himself either.

Of course, he can continue to advocate the wrong policies all he wants, he doesn't actually implement them. So he can really claim no harm done.

Still I've seen no indication that anything's likely to instill a little humility in him!
I go hot and cold on Ignatius mainly because many of his counterparts at the Post are so much more ridiculous.
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