Friday, June 19, 2009


Multiple Choice

Over at Soccer Dad, SD has a couple of interesting excerpts up. Without checking his title, can you guess the origin?

“The reality requires more urgently than ever before to frustrate the U.S. moves for interference in the internal affairs of other countries…and guarantee the sound and smooth development of the international relations…The said move of the U.S. is not limited to the elections only. It is being persistently perpetrated in various fabrics of social life including politics, economy, culture and military affairs.”

Is it from?

a) A Jimmy Carter speech during the Bush years,
b) A North Korean press release,
c) A Noam Chomsky piece at Huffington Post or
d) A posting by filmmaker Michael Moore

Not so easy, huh? Try this bit:

“It is his creed that the revolution is needed for the people, one should pluck stars in the sky and bring flowers in bloom on a stone and should not stint even fabulous wealth if it is for the interests of the people…since the historic day when he started his work…respect and love for man have turned into reality itself, not remaining mere idea or theory…He has covered centuries and decades, months and days for the happiness of the people…”

Is it from?

a) An Evan Thomas interview talking about President Obama,
b) A North Korean press release,
c) John Edwards talking about John Edwards,
d) Jimmy Carter’s eulogy at Yasser Arafat’s funeral.

Answers in the comments.

b and b: the first refers to Iran and the second refers to the NK's head honcho Kim Jong Il.
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