Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dog Bites Man: It's Still Bush's Fault

I know that Washington Post reporters are pretty much duty-bound to shill for this President but still…

In an article written by Lori Montgomery and Scott Wilson, they casually throw out this little factoid:

“Obama's offer of new spending cuts comes against a backdrop of public concern over the nation's fiscal health and long-term spending plans that even he has acknowledged would lead to "unsustainable" deficits. His 10-year budget would shrink the $1.3 trillion annual deficit left by the Bush administration before allowing it to widen again in its final years.”

While President Bush wins no plaudits from me for his budgetary record, let’s remember that Congress initiates spending bills and the last two years of the Bush Administration were accompanied by a strongly Democratic Congress…which included one Senator Obama.

The spending resolution leading to the current budget was passed last June:

“The Senate by a 48-45 vote approved a compromise fiscal 2009 budget resolution Wednesday that would cap discretionary spending at $1.013 trillion, $21 billion more than President Bush requested.” Senate passes fiscal 2009 budget resolution along party lines (6/4/08) --

Included among those 48 votes: Barack Obama.

In September 2008, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the FY 2009 deficit to be $438 billion – an at-the-time outlandish number that now, just a few months later, looks to be a model of frugality. The ensuing increase to beyond a trillion dollars came from the governmental responses of TARP and more stimulus packages. What part of those did Mr. Obama oppose? (If you’ll recall, he spent the days leading up to his inauguration cajoling his fellow Democrats to allow the second half of the TARP funds to be released to his administration).

Besides, that $1.3 trillion number is so pre-Obama

The director of the Congressional Budget Office today updated his projections for the budget and economic outlook and is now anticipating a $1.8 trillion deficit this year, and $1.4 trillion in 2010.” Deficit Now Projected at $1.8 Trillion for 2009 - Political Punch

Fearless prediction: We will never see an Obama budget that even sniffs “only” a $438 billion deficit.

For some more helpful talking points: Bush Deficit vs. Obama Deficit in Pictures » The Foundry

"...allowing it to widen again..."

And that's an example of budget cutting?

Thank you for keeping me up to date with Scott Wilson's latest exercises in distortion.
Staffing must be thin over at the Post because he is also been sighted reporting on Iran and South Korea.
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