Monday, May 25, 2009


Yeah, but he wasn't empathetic...

N. Korea Conducts 'Successful' Underground Nuclear Test

“North Korea exploded a nuclear device Monday morning, startling the world with its second underground test in three years and vexing the Obama administration, which has said it wants to solve the nuclear impasse with North Korea.”

Well, it didn’t startle the whole world (…and do you get the sense that “vexing” the Obama administration is what many will consider North Korea’s real sin.)

Get Ready for Another North Korean Nuke Test JOHN R. BOLTON, May 20,2009 Wall Street Journal

Yep -Easy to see why so many Senate Democrats (and at least one teary-eyed Republican) didn’t want him in the UN.

Did you see this?
No I didn't but did that guy get a job teaching at an Ivy League Law School?
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