Wednesday, May 06, 2009


A Thought on Arlen Specter

Senator Arlen Specter:

“As a matter of principle, my political philosophy has come much closer to the Democrats now that the Republican Party has moved so far to the right and —“Questions for Arlen Specter - The Convert - Interview -

Senator Specter was first elected to the Senate in 1980, concurrent with Ronald Reagan’s election to the presidency. It should be a self-evident fact of politics that the Republican Party is not now a more conservative, right-wing outfit than it was during those days. Senator Specter’s glib use of the word “principle” notwithstanding, what has happened is that the (regrettable) lurch to the left by the Party has been somewhat slower than a similar move by the Senator. Kind of a political “relative motion.”

Senator Specter’s “political philosophy” has always been about enhancing the chances for Arlen Specter in the next election. His departure from the ranks of the GOP will surely have some short-term downsides. Long-term, it should prove to be a blessing.

Side Note: More Arlenisms:

“With your departure from the Republican Party, there are no more Jewish Republicans in the Senate. Do you care about that?

“I sure do. There’s still time for the Minnesota courts to do justice and declare Norm Coleman the winner.”

Predictably: Specter Says He ‘Misspoke” on Minnesota Senate Race

I think somebody reminded him then that if Al Franken wins, Mr. Specter would no longer be the “junior” Senator in the Democratic caucus. Specter Will Be Junior Democrat on Committees - Roll Call

One of the odd things about Jewish senators (not just Republicans) is that Minnesota has had a Jewish senate seat going back for some time.

First it was Rudy Boschwitz, then Paul Wellstone and now Norm Coleman. Presumably he'll be replaced by Al Franken, who's also Jewish.

But of all states why Minnesota?

(And Nebraska had a Republican Jewish senator, Edward Zorinsky.)
What was it Churchill said when Italy declared war? It's only fair; we had them last time? To the Democrats: Good luck with the SOB.
I agree - sometimes you have to go backwards to get ahead. Our continuing rationalization of the likes of Chaffee and Specter was pathetic...esp. as it pertained to the Party's support of them over primary opponents (when it should have been nominally neutral)
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