Thursday, May 21, 2009


Robert Gibbs Refines Barack Obama's Resume

April 14, 2009:

“MR. GIBBS: This would not be the first time that I've stood at this podium and -- having read something in the newspaper that I found to not be accurate….Helen [Thomas].

“Q Why is the President blocking habeas corpus from prisoners at Bagram? I thought he taught constitutional law. And these prisoners have been there --

“MR. GIBBS: You're incorrect that he taught on constitutional law.” The White House - Press Office - Briefing by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, 4-14-09

May 20, 2009:

“Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs said the president is actively involved in the process but would not be more specific about where the decision-making stands.

"As somebody who has spent time...teaching the Constitution as a teacher -- and obviously the Constitution is the framework under which the president examines laws in his current job as president -- it's something that he's quite familiar with, and the decision-making progress on selecting a next nominee he's very active in," Gibbs said.”
Judge Diane Wood, Solicitor General Elena Kagan Seen as Supreme Court Hopefuls -

Maybe it’s a “penumbra” thing.

That jackass Gibbs is the speaker at my son's graduation next week (Churchill H.S.). I can't wait. . .

I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks Will - way to take one for the team.
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