Friday, April 03, 2009


Standing with Poland

Earlier this week, the Senate found the time to pass a Resolution commemorating the postives of U.S.-Polish relations:

S. RES. 9
Commemorating 90 years of U.S.-Polish diplomatic relations, during which Poland has proven to be an exceptionally strong partner to the United States in advancing freedom around the world.

The House also passed a similar Resolution.

In related news, the President was chagrined to learn that he could not veto these legislative expressions and he remains worried about their potential impact on his diplomatic efforts with Russia.

Cheers, MC!

Our "relations" with Poland for 40 of those 90 years ranged from Cold War brinksmanship to condemnation of their oppression of Solidarity and the Church. Their weaponry and soldiers and wargames were aimed at free NATO allies, not on those of their oppressive (ahem) Warsaw Pact allies.

They didn't do a lot of "advancing freedom"; freedom advanced on Poland, due to a few heroically bold Poles who loved freedom, loved their people and hated what their government was about. If you have five sons, you can do far worse than naming them all "Lech." Or Karol.
Thanks Bruce - I hope all is well...or at least as it can be.

You, of course, are correct as to your pointing out the rockiness of our relations with Poland during their experiment with a much more leftist government...and are also correct as to Lech and Karol.
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