Thursday, April 02, 2009


Obama Speaks in Economic Tongues

David Ignatius is onboard with the Obama platform. I get that much out of his open fan-like letter of a column today: Barack Obama's 'Post-Globalization' Vision and the G-20

He concludes:

“The G-20 summiteers should find Obama and his vision of a new foundation reassuring. This president is in the repair business. He's smart, solid, practical -- to the point of occasionally being boring. He understands that America made a mess, and he's trying his best to clean it up.”

This “new foundation” is a tripod of “energy, health care and education”.

You know, energy - like solar power: BP Solar Cuts 140 Jobs in Frederick...(April 1,2009)

…and Health Care – like stem cell therapy:

“…Osiris Therapeutics, a Columbia firm specializing in stem cell therapy, said it was eliminating 80 jobs as it completes the sale of one of its product lines to a company that will move manufacturing elsewhere.” ...Other Area Firms Make Trims (April 1, 2009)

…and, of course, education: Grade inflation gone wild: "Most college kids spend more time drinking than studying. And they still get mostly A's."

Yeah, I know it’s easy to cherry-pick but if our economy is in the tank because we don’t have enough windmills dotting the landscape then what’s up with Europe where alt-energy is as much religion as it is policy? Does anyone really believe that more government involvement will enhance our medical care AND make it more efficient? And after watching all the Ivy-educated young Masters of the Universe run rough shod through Wall Street, do we truly think our economy is suffering because not enough people delay joining the workforce in favor of Thursday evening drinkfests?

Mr. Ignatius perfectly sums up much of the mindset of the President's sycophants in the pundit class with this\:

“This White House is speaking an economic language that Europe and Asia understand -- more regulation, more government intervention, a more generous safety net -- without abandoning America's commitment to free markets.”

Of course, it would be far better for all if, instead, Europe and Asia would start speaking an economic language that we understand. After all, we didn't become the number one economy in the world by emulating their economic policies. So, without resorting to name-calling, let me just observe, then, that someone cannot have even a passing familiarity with economics if that person doesn't immediately recognize that, in this instance, the President’s programs for even more regulation and even more government intervention are all about America further abandoning its commitment to free markets.

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