Thursday, April 16, 2009


Cameron Kerry

Perusing the Post on line, this caught my attention:

Kerry Will Not Vote On Brother's Nomination - Federal Eye

Senator Kerry’s brother Cameron is up for General Counsel at the Commerce Department. I would have no problem with the Senator voting for his brother; it’s not as if John Kerry has any legacy as a normally tough vote for any nominee of a Democratic president. But I get the symbolic importance of the non-vote.

What really captured my attention though was this bit of sloppy reporting:

Cameron Kerry is a Boston-area lawyer who served as a political consultant to his brother's failed presidential campaign and to the Obama campaign. He is also an active Jewish Democratic activist, ever since the Kerry family learned of its Jewish roots during the 2004 campaign.”

That makes Cameron seem like a buffoon. In fact, he had converted to Judaism in the early 80’s after marrying a Jewish woman. And while I think all “active [fill-in-the-blank] Democratic activist[s]” are at best misguided, he was certainly well known in such Jewish-dominated circles up north well before his brother was playing his own Jewish roots card in 2004.

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