Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If they won't unclench their hands, we'll just give them a fist bump

So, there was a conference today about Afghanistan – you know, the war that President Obama inherited from George Bush and now has made it his own – and among the over 80 participants was Iran. This proved fortuitous because it gave Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke an opportunity for an “unplanned meeting with a top Iranian official, Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad Mehdi Akhundzadeh, on the sidelines of the conference”.

At least that’s what Secretary Clinton tells us:

“It was cordial, it was unplanned and they agreed to stay in touch."

I can picture it now – Richard Holbrooke, calmly drinking a latte during a break, suddenly notices that the lightly-bearded guy standing next to him looks familiar:

“Hey, you’re that Iranian dude, aren’t you? I recognize you from my briefing book.”

Of course Mr. Akhundzadeh is no match for Holbrooke’s homespun charm and, just like that, the results of an 8 year diplomatic ice-storm start melting away.

Side Note I: But our diplomatic mission wasn’t over yet:

“On the American citizens[being held in Iran], Clinton said she directed that an unsigned document known as an aide-memoire be delivered directly to the Iranian delegation.”

…thus saving American taxpayers (and they apparently now include Kansas Governor and HHS-nominee Kathleen Sebelius) the cost of postage.

Side Note II: Washington Post writer Glenn Kessler lets us in just how canny our State Department is now:

“Clinton notably included the full name of the country, as Obama did in his New Year's address, which is an effort by the administration to signify that it is not supporting regime change.”

Well, they may not support regime change but apparently at least one group is already fed up with Barack Obama’s war mongering ways and is sounding the call for changes here in the US: Regime Change Begins At Home

Here’s what MoveOn PAC is hoping:

"Regime Change Begins At Home Poster

"If enough of us download these posters, print 'em up, and stick them on our car or in our windows, we can begin to create a culture of engagement and patriotic dissent. We'll amplify our voices. We'll help to elect the candidates who can help us out of this mess. And we'll help to fire the ones that are on board for Bush's endless war."

...like, I guess, Barack Obama.

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