Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Thank God for the Reid-Pelosi Tax Cuts of 2003

Remember in Orwell’s 1984 when the residents of Oceania wake up to discover that what they long thought was their mortal enemy, Eurasia, was in fact their ally against Eastasia (which everyone had originally thought was their ally). The people later “learn” that their preconceptions were in fact wrong and that Eurasia had always been their ally.

Changing the subject; remember when the Bush tax cuts were a diabolical evil, ruining our economy and pretty much guaranteeing our children and grandchildren a life of poverty and misery? At least that’s what I thought I remembered but now…

“Approximately two-thirds of the spending and tax cuts contained in an economic stimulus package crafted by House Democrats would flow into the economy by the end of fiscal 2010, producing a "noticeable impact on economic growth and employment," congressional budget analysts said yesterday….

“The total package -- including tax cuts and direct aid to the poor and unemployed -- won significantly better marks for speed than the portion of the package devoted to highways, schools and other infrastructure projects, which are among the Democrats' top priorities.” House Plan Offers 'Noticeable Impact'

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