Monday, January 26, 2009


Greed rears its ugly head again

Remember back in April 2007 when Circuit City laid off 8% of their retail in order to replace them with cheaper help? Predictably, it didn’t play well among the usual suspects:

Clinton blasts Circuit City for layoffs

San Fernando Valley Young Democrats: Circuit City Protest Rally Recap

Boycott Circuit City Citizen Against Lies

Well, all that negative ill will directed at it was apparently successful as Circuit City recently announced it was in liquidation mode:

“The familiar brand name will be lost, along with its 34,000 jobs.”

Well played by all those champions of the working man.

Unfortunately, greed and an incessant devotion to the bottom line continue to wreak havoc all over and there is no shortage of eligible entities one can self-righteously preen over to show one’s moral superiority. May I suggest one that “claims” to be so “impacted by the unfolding economic crisis [that it] laid off ten percent of its national workforce this week. Thirty-six staffers lost their jobs, including five in the Washington, D.C. legislative office, a source familiar with the firings told the Huffington Post.”

Yep, those greedy bastards over at the ACLU.

Is the ACLU also a Madoff victim? I'm pretty certain that Planned Parenthood is.
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