Thursday, January 29, 2009


At least he's not accused of waterboarding...

Joby Warrick in today’s Washington Post: CIA Station Chief In Algeria Accused In Two Sex Assaults

“The CIA's top officer in Algeria has been returned to Washington amid allegations that he drugged and raped two women at his Algiers residence…”

“The alleged assaults, if confirmed, are viewed as particularly serious because they could potentially damage diplomatic relations with Algeria, a U.S. ally, and undermine U.S. efforts to improve its image in the Muslim world, former diplomats and foreign policy experts said.”

(Ed Note: Did Mr. Warrick really contact “former diplomats and foreign policy experts” just to gather this obvious bit of intel?)

Isobel Coleman, director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program of the Council on Foreign Relations, said it was vitally important that the U.S. government pursue the investigation vigorously and publicly, given the particular cultural sensitivities of Muslim cultures toward sexual crimes.”

With all this emphasis on the potential reaction of the “Muslim world”, don’t you think Mr. Warrick might have included one more fact:

“Officials say the 41-year old Warren, a convert to Islam, was ordered home by the U.S. Ambassador, David Pearce, in October after the women came forward with their rape allegations in September.” ABC News: Exclusive: CIA Station Chief in Algeria Accused of Rapes

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