Monday, January 12, 2009


Apparently only Jews destructively blockade

Griff Witte gets us up-to-date on Israel’s response to the terrorist group Hamas:

Blair Says Mideast Cease-Fire Elements in Place

“…the former British prime minister, spoke amid intense negotiations aimed at bringing the 17-day war to a halt. Both Israel and Hamas are participating.

“But as the talks proceeded in Cairo…”

Cairo is in Egypt and, as can be seen, Gaza also shares a border with Egypt but you don’t see Egypt rushing to alleviate any so-called Israeli-induced humanitarian crisis:

“Since then, Israel has tightened a blockade against Gaza, and Egypt, the only Arab country sharing a border with Gaza, has refused to open it, fearing increased Hamas influence and the responsibility for 1.5 million economically distressed Gazans.” The already-strained Hamas-Egypt relationship sours - Los Angeles Times

What does Israel expect of Egypt?

“Israel says it wants Hamas to halt its rocket fire and Egypt to guarantee -- possibly through an international monitoring force -- that the Gaza-Egypt border will not be used for smuggling weapons. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has so far balked at the idea of monitors.”

…and here’s the UN and Jimmy Carter swiftly denouncing Egypt’s unwillingness to do what is necessary to secure a firm and lasting peace: This Page Intentionally Left Blank

So, if you’re keeping score at home:

Israeli blockade of a terrorist group dedicated to Israel’s destruction: Crime against humanity

Egyptian blockade against that same group: Next question, please

I think that Witte comes to the Post via NPR. Not terribly surprising.
thanks SD - I still remember the Q&A with him that you recommended to me...but I've forgiven you.
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