Wednesday, January 28, 2009


AP does PR for Al Gore

I’m sorry, I just can’t resist.

If you live in the DC area and woke to today’s winter storm, you may have thought “Gore Effect! I wonder if Al Gore is in town to talk about Global Warming.” Bingo! Al Gore is in town and is testifying today in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Now don’t feel bad for not knowing about it - only C-Span on the web is covering it live but thankfully Dino Cappiello of the AP is there for you: Gore urges action on economy, global warming

He informs us that Mr. Gore is pushing the so-called stimulus plan “as a first step to bringing greenhouse gases under control.” (Do we later pass Kyoto-like legislation so we can stimulate the economy?)

Actually, the former Vice-president does want us to “take a leading role in negotiations on a new international climate treaty later this year.” Mr. Cappiello tells us why this is so important:

“The Bush administration pulled out of the last treaty, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, because of the lack of participation by developing countries.”

Space constraints probably precluded him from explaining how Mr. Bush pulled off such a preemptive stunt years before he assumed office in 2001. Maybe it was to make room for a fine piece of reporting that appropriately gives us historical context to Mr. Gore’s presence:

“It was the first time Gore appeared before Congress since March 2007. Since then, the recession has deepened and the U.S. has waged two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Actually, we weren’t in a recession in March 2007 and I really kind of think we were already involved in Iraq and Afghanistan but, no matter, this gives the former Tennessee Senator a kind of where-have-you-gone-Joe-Dimaggio cache.

Finally, I especially like the many different ways Mr. Cappiello refers to Mr. Gore:

“Former Vice President Al Gore…”

“…the Nobel Peace Prize winner said…”

…and just in case you still can’t place him:

“Gore _ whose book on global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth," became an Oscar-winning documentary _...”

For a less-gushy take on Mr. Gore’s testimony: Liveblog of Al Gore Climate Hearing

I would urge everyone with an interest in learning the truth about Al Gore and global warming to view The Great Global Warming Swindle.

You'll soon see that the debate is not over. If anything, the climate realists are closer to having a consensus.
thanks for the links DASH
Funny they didn't mention that "Inconvenient truth" is now labelled in Britain because it apparently contains a few convenient untruths, so it's not really a documentary.
The Gore thing has peaked - Washington is always the last to know.
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