Friday, January 30, 2009


Another Convienent Deserter for Peace

The Wall Street Journal has an article today describing the travails of one Spec. André L. Shepherd. Actually, “good times” is a probably the more accurate description: U.S. Deserter 'Having Time of My Life' as He Seeks Asylum in Germany

Here’s how he got into this mess:

“Mr. Shepherd was again living in a car -- a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am -- in December 2003 when he walked into an Army recruitment center in Lakewood and signed up.”

Remember 2003? That was when we captured Saddam – approximately 9 months AFTER our military took the fight to Iraq. At that time - and at the risk of being insensitive - you would have had to be a moron not to put 2 and 2 together and have at least considered that a tour in the Army might just lead to some time in Iraq. After one tour in Iraq repairing Apache helicopters, he was reassigned to Germany. He deserted after learning that another tour in Iraq was coming up.

Here’s a side blurb accompanying a picture:

“He walked away from the military for his convictions. Now, U.S. Army deserter Andre Shepherd seeks political asylum in Germany. WSJ's Mike Esterl reports.”

His convictions? Perhaps – if we’re going to elevate a life of drinking and getting laid into a moral stance on par with the responsibility to fulfill a freely-entered-into contract with your country.

My bias as a veteran probably heightens my utter disdain for individuals like Mr. Shepherd. So I will look at the glass half-full if Germany, attempting to make a substance-less political statement on Iraq, grants asylum to this deserter because then America can claim a net gain on the quality of its citizenry. But if Germany can get by its PC-instincts and deny asylum then I hope the Army follows up appropriately with a max term punishment.

Side Note: “The deserter has found a new helping hand in Ulli Thiel, a 65-year-old peace activist in Karlsruhe.”

I’m guessing the term “peace activist” is just a synonym for “anti-American”.

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