Monday, December 22, 2008


Republicans corrupted Blagojevich

Apparently, there are two kinds of political scandals: Republican and bi-partisan:

“Meyer Davis's hospital wasn't the only one with problems winning approvals from the state board that reviewed new projects for health-care facilities. …The board held up requests for open-heart surgical units and community clinics, and it seemed that a high price tag was attached to moving the board toward action.

“At the center of the scheme was board member Stuart Levine, a prominent GOP fundraiser and businessman.” Secret Tapes Helped Build Graft Cases In Illinois

The very next line gives you an idea of just how prominent his GOP fundraising was:

“Levine also courted Blagojevich, flying him to fundraisers in Texas and New York at which the governor collected more than $120,000 in campaign contributions.”

This McHenry County Blog posting from 2006 makes a pretty good case that maybe Stuart Levine’s prominence in fundraising wasn’t just limited to GOP circles. I love this bit of reflection:

"“When the U.S. Attorney indicted gubernatorial appointee Stuart Levine in May of 2005, Governor Rod Blagojevich blamed the GOP and himself, depending on whether one read the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times headline.

"It's a continuation of a culture that was established down there that we're fighting," he told the Tribune. "This is a continuation of a process that was ongoing and, very frankly, a process that involved key Republican players."

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