Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Water Vapor, Arsenic - To-mae-to, To-mah-to

In what has become almost a cliché of leftist thinking, we are constantly harangued on the economic benefits of going “green”:

“What is clear from this report is that millions of U.S. workers—across a wide range of familiar occupations, states, and income and skill levels—will all benefit from the project of defeating global warming and transforming the United States into a green economy.” Job Opportunities for the Green Economy: A State-by-State Picture of Occupations that Gain from Green Investments

“Investments in improved energy efficiency in buildings could generate an additional 2-3.5 million green jobs in Europe and the United States alone, with the potential much higher in developing countries.” United Nations Environment Programme

(Would that be a NET “additional 2-3.5 million green jobs” or will there be millions added to the unemployment rolls then turning to those feel-good new job holders for an extension of benefits.)

It is interesting that when economies weaken, it seems that NOBODY with something at immediate risk – be it their own money or political office – actually seems to go the route of full bore ahead for the so-(and likely inaccurately)-called green economy:

“With the global economy at the edge of recession, China appears to be turning away from previous pledges to improve its record on environmental protection. In this, China is hardly alone: A climate-change proposal in Europe that a few months ago seemed like a sure thing has now divided the continent because of its anticipated expense, and worldwide, money for the development of renewable energy sources has been drying up.” As Global Recession Threatens, China Pulls Back on Environmental Efforts

Post writer Ariana Eunjung Cha then goes for the jugular (all the while getting in a de rigueur slam at America):

“Home to some of the planet's most polluted cities, China last year hit a dubious milestone: It surpassed the United States to become the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Its factories release so much toxic waste that they have created black clouds thousands of miles away. Its waterways are no better off -- poisoned with industrial runoff ranging from arsenic to acid.”

Greenhouse gases? You mean like Ozone? Water Vapor? Carbon Dioxide? Are they creating the “black clouds” or poisoning the waterways? I’m betting Ms. Cha thinks they are all one and the same. Sadly, I’m betting her editors at the Post also don’t know the difference.

China passing us in “greenhouse gases” is actually a very positive step. With a population 4 times ours, they should be well ahead of us. That they have just finally surpassed us is a testament to their economic progress and a reminder to all at how pathetic state-run economies are in providing what the people want and need.

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