Thursday, November 13, 2008


Another "Fake but True"?

Campaign misstatements are an ongoing fact of life but their impact usually derives from how the press covers them. Consider:

Barack Obama – recorded in front of a large crowd that included reporters - claims to have visited 57 states;

Joe Biden recollected – on the CBS Evening News - how FDR went on TV after the 1929 stock market crash;

Someone claims to have heard Sarah Palin not realize Africa is a continent.

“And the claim of credit for the Africa anecdote is just the latest ruse by Eisenstadt, who turns out to be a very elaborate hoax that has been going on for months. MSNBC, which quickly corrected the mistake, has plenty of company in being taken in by an Eisenstadt hoax, including The New Republic and The Los Angeles Times.” A Fake Expert Named Martin Eisenstadt and a Phony Think Tank Fool Bloggers and the Mainstream News Media -

Senators Obama and Biden really did make their mis-statements but which of the three I listed do you think will have the longest shelf life?

(And, for the record, I consider those mis-statements by the Senators to be amusing but of little significance…unlike comments about “spreading the wealth” and kicking Hezbollah out of Lebanon.)

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