Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Heads the Dems are right; Tails the Republicans are wrong

On today’s NRO, Jonah Goldberg raises a salient if predictable point:

“On that point, you know what I haven’t seen in all of the coverage of the bailout-blow-up? I haven’t seen a single interview with a Democrat who voted against this deal. I’ve seen interviews of Republicans who’ve voted for it. I’ve seen interviews of Republicans who voted against it. And, of course, I’ve seen interviews with the Democratic leadership in which they blamed the Republicans who voted against it but not the 94 Dems who voted against it.” Accountability by Jonah Goldberg on National Review Online

Coincidentally, I then went to where I was greeted by a picture of several prominent congressional Democrats looking very congressional:

House Democrats, from left, Lloyd Doggett (Tex.), Elijah E. Cummings (Md.), Robert C. Scott (Va.) and Rush D. Holt (N.J.) discuss revisions to the legislation. (By Melina Mara -- The Washington Post)”

…of those four Democrats, three (Doggett, Cummings and Scott) had voted AGAINST the bill on Monday. Final Vote Results for Roll Call 674

So how does the accompanying article describe congressional reaction?

“Prodded by a wave of angry calls from constituents, congressional leaders dialed back partisan bickering over the $700 billion Wall Street rescue plan yesterday and advanced modest changes to the legislation in an effort to win over House Republican holdouts.” Lawmakers Revise Rescue Plan -

I am glad that the House progressives and rock-ribbed conservatives alike voted against this bill. The bill stinks because the concept stinks. The Senate version was passed with dubious constitutionality (as a Senate-originated appropriation bill) and was laden down (or using Senator McCain's great word, "festooned") with a monstrous level of pork.
you don't hear/read me talking this bill up
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