Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Great Moments in Prioritizing

I think most of us do not begrudge the handicapped their preferential parking status – even if a few who avail themselves of it are a bit suspect. This, however….Hybrid Trumps Handicap for Tysons Parking

Obnoxious. Pure political posturing, even though I support hybrid tech. The mall gets nothing out of hybrid vehicles parking closer that I can think of; it's not as if the ambient air quality would be better.

Only thing I can think is that the mall's kissing up to higher-income customers. Obnoxious to do so in front of handicapped parking.

Handicapped spaces are not just for the benefit of the handicapped motorist or passenger but for the safety of all others (i.e. if a blind/deaf/mobility-limited passenger or motorist cannot predict, control or avoid parking lot traffic on a long haul to the mall door, that's bad for everyone.) It also helps those who assist them, who may be pushing a wheelchair, carrying additional gear or acting as seeing eyes in a hazardous lot.
agreed Bruce - although I suport hybrid Tech only to the extent that there is a market for it (and tax credits etc. do not a market make)...piety and retail are never a winning combo for me.
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