Thursday, August 28, 2008


Rhetorical Question

Yesterday, in Golden Colorado, some bikers protested the presence of Al-Jazeera at a local bar. Also, yesterday, the Obama campaign orchestrated a protest against the presence of Stanley Kurtz on Chicago-based WGN Radio. Neither touches on the 1st Amendment because neither has the government doing the infringing but which do you think got A Section treatment from the Washington Post?

Not sure? Well, if the Post had reported on Stanley Kurtz, they probably would have been forced to report on the underlying issue – an ongoing investigation into the relationship between domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama.

Yeah, I knew you’d get it eventually:

Dana Milbank - Live, From Golden, Colo., It's Al-Jazeera -

Stanley Kurtz's Fairness Doctrine Preview

Update: Oops – Daled Amos over at Soccer Dad is all over this too.

Side Notes I:

“Al-Jazeera, like Fox News, bills itself as a straight-news outlet, but others, including the Bush administration, accuse it of an anti-American bias; it also seems to have first dibs on all of Osama bin Laden's videotapes when al-Qaeda chooses to release them.”

It is certainly no slam on Fox News that Dana Milbank is still clueless as to biased, American-based networks that would better serve as an excellent example of a ridiculous “straight-news” outlet claim; after all, he recently had a not-too-friendly departure from Exhibit A of such a network (only to end up at Exhibit B).

Side Notes II: In the talking points sent out by the Obama campaign, they quote this line from an earlier Kurtz article in the National Review:

“As they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

I’m guessing, judging by the reaction of the campaign to this as well as the Born Alive vote issue, the Obama people don’t agree.

MC, I think you can tell the difference between a 3 biker-gang truce created for the sole purpose of menacing an on-site news crew, and a bunch of complaint emails to a radio station from a bunch of campaign supporters. The former is both more newsworthy and an easier newsstory to learn about. The latter is a trifle, easily missed by a reasonably diligent news team on site. For one thing, they are reading what's on the ground, not what NRO has to say about some conservative agitprop nothingburger.

But partisan differences side, let us join around our common declaration of faith and morals: Duke delendum est.
Bruce - if this were television - yes - biker gangs are much better footage than emails but one of these demonstrations were organized by a Campaign and the other was rather spontaneous. Were John McCain's campaign organizing similar protests against perceived Obama partisans going on the air (which admittedley would be a full time job vis a vis MSNBC or CNN) do you really think the Post could dismiss it as a trifle?
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