Friday, August 08, 2008


Blessed be the Russians

Instinctively don’t most of us think Russia is probably the aggressor here: Georgian, Russian Troops Clash in South Ossetia

Here’s the part that had me baffled:

Russia, which has peacekeeping troops in the area…”

That no doubt is how the Russian PR people refer to them but I have no idea why the Washington Post adapts the same terminology. Doesn’t it just scream ‘oxymoron’?

Side Note: Just for fun, do a search on the Washington Post site using variations of the word “peacekeepers”. See often they associate it with U.S. troops.

I remember from the mid-70's a news report from Lebanon that mentioned that Syrian peacekeepers killed a few hundred.

I guess one man's peacekeeper is another man's genocidal maniac.
and then of course there are everybody's favorites: the UN peacekeepers
Yes but they're not genocidal. They're just utterly useless in face of genocidal tyrants. OK sometimes they're complicit with them too. See UNIFIL.
IS that the UN peacekeepers who "engage in 'sexual exploitation and abuse'". Nice.
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