Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This part of the script has long been written...

Soccer Dad was kind enough to comment on my last posting and raised a good point about whether the Washington Post would play the experience against Senator Obama when it comes to making its endorsement for the November election (as it did against Michael Steele in 2006). Clearly his query was a rhetorical one as most of us do not expect the Post to so radically deviate from its ethical duty to support the liberal candidate. (Although, in all fairness, they did endorse Bob Ehrlich over Martin O’Malley in the 2006 Maryland gubernatorial election…which I think took most of us by surprise.)

In fact, is there any doubt as to how most newspapers will be writing their endorsements in the weeks leading up to the November election? I’d be willing to wager a healthy sum of money that collectively – without a single “maverick” among them – all the following newspapers will enthusiastically be touting the redemptive opportunity that America is presented with if only the populace will follow their editorial lead and vote for Barack Obama:

The New York Times; The Washington Post; The Baltimore Sun; The Philadelphia Inquirer; The Boston Globe; The LA Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Again, if just one of those newspapers deviates, I lose the bet. Think anyone in Vegas would take the bet?

Thanks for the kind words, but I really didn't mean it rhetorically. Of the newspapers you mentioned the only one which stands a chance of putting intellectual honesty ahead of partisan interests.

Look at today's editorial. It's a shot at Sen. Obama.

There's a real chance that the Post will endorse McCain, especially if the editors deem Iraq the most important issue facing the country.

(In 1996, the Post refused to endorse either candidate. In 2004 the Post endorsed Kerry.)
Sorry for the delay in response SD and I agree that the Post is a fairer papers than the others mentioned but I really meant that I could not see the Post citing Senator Obama's lack of experience as a reason not to endorse. If they do endorse McCain - which I am still not expecting at all - they will not denigrate Obama in the process.
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