Tuesday, May 20, 2008


"Bartender, I need 3 beers so I can play a video game"

From today’s Slate:

“—A Silver-winning interactive campaign designed to reduce drunken driving in Frankfurt. Called "The Piss-Screen," it placed monitors on the walls above urinals in bars. By aiming their pee from side to side, men could steer a car in a video driving game. The game would ultimately demonstrate that the pee-er was unfit to be driving, as he couldn't even manage to accurately aim his stream of urine. After the inevitable crash, the screen would ask, "Too pissed to drive?" Celebrating shameless hucksterism at the Clios

I think we can all easily imagine competitions among those standing side-by-side. This could be the long-awaited breakthrough in getting men to tune in to their feminine side…by going to the bathroom together.

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