Monday, April 21, 2008


Stoned for Gaia

Believe it or not, Mother Earth just doesn’t get the attention she deserves which is why Earth Day is so important. Actual Earth Day is tomorrow (April 22nd) but much of the celebrating went on yesterday including a very important Green Apple Festival down at the Mall in DC – one of 8 free concerts around the country. Unfortunately, Mother Earth doesn’t always know what is best for her (which is why we have liberals) and torrential rains cut the DC event short:

“…the concert on the Mall was to have been the largest of the eight, a 7 1/2 -hour event featuring an eclectic lineup of artists and an equally eclectic group of activist speakers, from actor Edward Norton to NASA climatologist James Hansen.” A Watered-Down Lineup

(No doubt James Hansen will claim the rains were just another attempt by the Bush Administration to muzzle him.)

Writer J. Freedom du Lac is apparently the go-to guy at the Post for environmental-hysteria themed concerts and he provides plenty of examples of the concert-goers doing their bit for a cleaner tomorrow:

“In fact, the pungent odor of cannabis wafted across the east end of the Mall early and often.” [Well, at least it wasn’t cigarette second-hand smoke which I’ve heard kills just about everyone it comes into contact with.]

“Garbage bags became popular rain slickers.” [And aren’t those garbage bags made from plastic?]

“…trudged through the mud, headed back to their tour bus without having played a single note here.” [So they spewed all that fossil fuel residue into the air for nothing??]

But despite the fact that absolutely NOTHING was accomplished environmentally (I mean beyond the environmental impact of so many people traveling by bus, car and what-have-you to get together for an electrically-enhanced concert), the concertgoers can still pat themselves on the back:

“…Indiana band Umphrey's McGee, whose singer, Brendan Bayliss, said: "You're all getting wet for a good cause."

I'm not surprised to hear about the wasted energy spent trying to "save the world" be the morons in the District.
At the end of the day I doubt that it matters much to the masses as they will all "fell better" that they showed support for the cause of "green".

Being that tomorrow is Earth day I hope that I get a shot at a spring gobbler so I can be thankful Earth has provided my family with food once again.

-Just one more solider in the war to save humans from the tyranny that is Liberalism.
BTW I appologize for my spelling. It's been a long day. You see I am not a government employee and I actually have to provide service to get a paycheck.

Yours truely.
Happy shooting!
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