Thursday, April 17, 2008


The Land of Misogyny that is Whoville

Greg Pollowitz over at the Media Blog on NRO notes some recent blogging by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Blogger . Mr. Abdul-Jabbar is not pleased and he is particularly not pleased with the controversial movie Horton Hears a Who:

““Hey, it’s just a cartoon,” you might say. But this particular cartoon will be seen by millions of children around the world. And they will come away with a clear impression that a single son is worth more than 96 daughters. Those boys are inherently more valuable than girls, and more likely to be successful (in this case, in saving the world) than girls.” Horton hears a racist

His concern got me thinking back to his days as a player and how I almost had one more final chance to see him play. I was stationed in Saudi Arabia in the immediate aftermath of the 1st Gulf War when it was announced that Mr. Abdul-Jabbar himself was part of a exhibition Basketball Tour that was coming to various parts of Saudi Arabia, including where I was.

Well, this would have been a wonderful diversion but unfortunately the exhibition game was off-limits to women spectators. Our military commanders correctly said then that if it was off-limits to female soldiers, it was off-limits to all soldiers.

…but I’m sure all the little Saudi girls who heard about the game from their brothers were clearly impressed by the message he brought.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Media Blog on National Review Online for the link.

That's not KAJ writing. It's an Onion parody.
it's getting tough to parody much of the left exactly because they seem to do it to themselves naturally
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