Wednesday, March 05, 2008


McCain 2008

As is now all-but-official, John McCain will be the Republican nominee for President. Coincidently, yesterday I received some McCain 2008 paraphernalia; the usual - a ball cap, a few buttons and some bumper stickers. So, last night, mixed in with watching the returns, I scraped off my old Ehrlich and Steele stickers (2006) (which, in turn, were covering up my 2004 Bush-Cheney and “Pipkin for Senate” stickers) and affixed my first McCain 2008 sticker.

A lot is being made of Senator McCain’s continuing need to win over conservatives for fear they otherwise may just sit out the upcoming election. Well, I think I’m a fairly consistent conservative and the alternatives the Democrats are considering presenting for my vote in November put that vote in the “win’ column for John McCain.

The good thing about the way 2008 is working out is that the GOP has time to get its act together behind John McCain, while the Demos, not worrying about policies but just about whether they need a woman or an African-American as a nominee, are still engaged in internecine squabbles. Thank Heaven for the Democratic party rules!!
you're right - this primary season has nothing to do with issues and policies on the Democratic side.
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