Monday, February 18, 2008


It's so much easier to beat up on white guys...

In the aftermath of the whole Harvard, Larry Summers and women scientists fiasco of a few years ago, we have an interesting dilemma for liberals: A woman scientist, educated at Harvard and who still maintains ties to the school, is suggesting that global warming is more tied to solar activity. (H/T NRO’s Planet Gore)

Update: Welcome Planet Gore readers..and thanks to Mr. Craig for the link.

According to an anonymous informant of Planet Gore's Henry Craig, the latest scientific word on climate is that it's gonna get colder, an opinon Craig writes has been corroberated by a blogger in Maryland . But that link's scientific source is yesterday's Planet Gore link to the same Tyler Texas newspaper acount of a speech at the local university by " Harvard Astrophysicist Sallie Baliunas" as cited by Planet Gore

Adamant offers 15 minutes of fame to the first reader to interrupt the daisy chain by telling us in which astrophysical journals and meetings this remarkable assertion has been published , voiced or defended ?

Full disclosure: I cannot presume to style myself a 'Harvard Astophysicist ' in questioning the caliber of Planet Gore's science citations, as my Harvard faculty of arts and sciences appointments are old and tired as Dr. Baliunas', and I have not published an astrophysics paper since 2006.
uhh russell, your posting reads more like a draft for your own blog than a response to mine but since you're here...

I'm going to guess that I am that Maryland blogger and I am flabbergasted that any educated person could read what Mr. Craig wrote about my posting and conclude the he is suggesting that my posting corroberates Ms. Baliunas'. ...well, I should clarify that and say no Holy Cross-educated person would ever read and conclude thusly, I 've long since given up trying to figure out what they teach you all at Harvard.
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