Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ethics testing at The NY Times

A noted elsewhere, there is a bit of a to-do about a story in the NY Times concerning John McCain. Initial conservative response seems to be more of dismay over his reaction to the story – that he is actually surprised at this kind of smear coming from a liberal house organ like the Times – rather than any real concerns over the actual charges. And, lacking anything else, I’m going to take the Senator’s word vice anything coming out of the Times.

Some have questioned the timing of the story:

According to [McCain aide Charlie] Black, the Times only went with the story now because The New Republic was set to run a piece next Monday about internal dissensions at the paper over whether to run the long-held article.” McCain camp vows to 'go to war' with NYT

Apparently, this story has been in the hopper since December. Yet on January 25th, the Times endorsed John McCain for the Republican primary with nary a word about any ethical concerns. Primary Choices: John McCain - New York Times

Either the Times editorial staff didn’t think the charges any big deal or a politico’s ethics are not factored into a NY Times’ endorsement.

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