Saturday, February 16, 2008


Curse you, James Taranto

In his Friday BOTW, James Taranto notes a story about indicted Frisco radio host, Bernie Ward. Because the story never conveys the alleged child porn enthusiast’s ideological leanings, Mr. Taranto concludes that Mr. Ward must be a liberal.

Since such surmises are really just an indirect slam at our hard-working, won’t-let-politics-affect-their-reporting media, I set out to prove Mr. Taranto wrong:

Oops: A Limbaugh for the Left / KGO's Bernie Ward gets a national radio talk show

So I chalked it up to just a lucky guess – I mean we are talking San Fran. Perhaps that local news station just has a policy of not assigning political labels….

“Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney suspended his bid for the presidency -- a decision some hard-line conservatives are finding hard to swallow.” Mitt Romney abandons bid for GOP presidential nomination 2/08/08

…they have a policy of not assigning political labels to radio hosts?

“On Thursday, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh reacted to Romney's departure by saying he's considering raising money for Hillary Clinton. But not because he supports her, but because he wants to see her get the nomination feeling she would be easier for McCain to beat.” Mitt Romney abandons bid for GOP presidential nomination 2/08/08

Okay, maybe they just didn’t feel such labeling would be relevant…

…but at the abc7news link provided by Mr. Taranto, they provide video footage of Mr. Ward’s agent. She hints that perhaps Ward’s known status as a Bush administration critic was behind the federal charges. The reporter even later goes back to her asking if she really believes that and gives her a chance to expound on that(...and let’s just say she leaves it out there).

…damn…Okay, Mr. Taranto, you may have won this one but remember, I’m onto you and your media-baiting games.

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