Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Apparently, we're not doing enough for ILLEGALS

"I think it's pretty sad that a country that has been built by immigrants now looks at immigrants today as something bad for this country. I think it's a double standard," said Angelo Solera, 45, a Baltimore resident from Spain who was once an illegal immigrant but now is a U.S. citizen. "Most of us are in this country working and paying taxes and making a contribution to this country." Immigration backers rally near State House -- baltimoresun.com

Obviously, English comprehension is not part of the path to US citizenship as Angelo Solero doesn’t seem to realize that legislation that targets ILLEGAL immigrants has NO effect on US CITIZENS.

As to his final point, no doubt many illegals work, pay taxes and make some contribution to this country. But I am skeptical that all the taxes paid by them even begin to cover the state expenses of education, health care and law enforcement that their collective presence engenders. Legislation that seeks to bar ILLEGAL immigrants from receiving tuition aid and other benefits from the state merely looks to cut our losses from their presence.

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