Saturday, February 16, 2008


ACORN in sheep's clothing

The Washington Post has an article about some of the creative ways mortgage holders are employing to stay in contact with delinquent clients. Of note is their use of some non-profits:

“Sometimes just using a community group's name is enough: Chase, which services $600 billion in loans, sends letters on Acorn letterhead and pays the group to leave its door hangers at the homes of borrowers it has not reached otherwise.” You're Invited . . . To Pay Your Mortgage

Earlier in the article Acorn had been identified as “Acorn Housing, a counseling agency” but in reality, it should be identified as ACORN – the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. You may remember them from some of their recent instances in the headlines:

Is ACORN disenfranchising the process itself? -

Missouri ACORN Voter Fraud Scandal Makes the National News

Felony charges filed against 7 in state's biggest case of voter-registration fraud Seattle Times Newspaper

Hey, perhaps they really are providing a useful service for the mortgage companies and making a buck or two while they’re at it. I'm just using this as an excuse to slam our lenient voter registration and ID laws...and a particularly smarmy leftist organization masquerading as a bunch of do-gooders.

(For a interesting overview of this “non-profit” see: ACORN’s Nutty Regime for Cities by Sol Stern, City Journal Spring 2003)

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