Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The Post is impressed with McCain - when he doesn't act all GOPy

The Washington Post has an editorial up today that just illustrates how utterly lacking in conservative (and Republican) input it has on its editorial board. Waxing lyrical on John McCain, they write of his “…unwillingness to abandon his support for the war in Iraq, even when it threatened to cost him his bid for the presidency…”

Let’s be clear – his support for our efforts in Iraq was one of the few things that DIDN’T threaten his presidential quest. But to be fair, the editorial does later mention just what it was that hurt Senator McCain with his fellow Republicans…and it highlights how just being associated with the GOP can be bad for your social standing with the Post-ites,:

“Mr. McCain offers a voice of reason tempered by the knowledge that many voters are furious about illegal immigration. His…willingness to take on such issues as climate change and campaign finance reform -- neither of which were (sic) particularly popular with his party -- reflects well on his character and judgment.”

The editorial then gushes over the Democrats choice between Senators Clinton and Obama:

“The contrast between her experience and his inspiration opens a legitimate and important debate. It's good that more voters will have a chance to weigh in.”

In other words, the Post needs more time to decide which of the two has a better chance of getting elected in November before it endorses a candidate. The party of its endorsee, however, is clearly not in doubt.

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